Kimberlys exclusives is a company created by Kimberly. I was taught  to sew by my grandmother at a 
young age.  I Enjoyed making doll clothes out of anything I could find, even paper towels. As an adult the sewing fell by the wayside with the exception of the interior designing while pursuing corporate side of business . I've come full circle now and I know a lot more about the true gift of a creative mind. With all this being said, I'm excited about launching my handmade purse lines. It shows the sexy, classy ,chic durability with detail that I look for when shopping for myself. I also offer custom made purses, where I work with you exclusively to create your vision of your perfect handbag.  My vision is to introduce other designs such as hats, clothing, interior accessories for the home etc. so there will be more to come.  My goal is to make you one of my best customers.
Thanks!   Hope to hear from you soon!
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